Prior Year Activities


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07/22/2016 Community Brian Judd Parish Blood Drive with Altar and Rosary
08/01/2016-11/15/2016 Church Brian Judd Vocation Raffle
08/20/2016-08/21/2016 Church Brian Judd Fellowship Sunday
09/16/2016-09/18/2016 Culture of Life Michael Tellman I.D. Drive
9/20/2016 Council Matt Sanders Council Degree
10/02/2016 Culture of Life Scott Christensen Life Chain on College Ave.
10/15/2016 Community Joe Blaney Home Brew Challenge
10/29/2016 Council Scott Christensen ISU Football game
11/05/2016 Community Matthew Koetters Habitat for Humanity work day
11/05/2016 Church Michael Tellman Memorial Mass
11/06/2016 Community Joe Blaney Sponsored Parish and School Coat Drive
12/03/2016 Community Michael Tellman Jaycees Christmas Parade “Keep Christ in Christmas” entry.
12/03/2016 01/10/2017 Church Michael Tellman Setup\take down outdoor Nativity at Epiphany
12/11/2016 Church Brian Judd Pancake Breakfast
12/24/2016 Church Scott Brownfield Took down extra chairs following Christmas Eve Mass
01/22/2017 Culture of Life Scott Christensen Pro-Life Prayer Service in front of old Courthouse downtown Bloomington.
01/29/2017 Youth Brian Judd Provided Kitchen support for Epiphany School pancake breakfast
02/04/2017 Youth Tim Salamon Winter Princess Ball Dance (Father\ Daughter dance)
02/05/2017 Youth Michael Tellman Free Throw Contest
02/17/2017 Community Brian Judd Epiphany School and Knight’s Blood Drive
03/17/2017 Community Michael Tellman St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
05/26/2017, 06/04/2017 Council Joe Blaney Help raise money to support Mircale League (Cornbelters Fundraisers)
6/10/2017 Community Matthew Koetters Habitat Build # 1
06/15/2017-06/17/2017 Church Provide volunteers to support the Beer Tent at the Epiphany Carnival.
Ongoing Youth Aluminum Can Recycling program that directly supports Epiphany School.
Ongoing Council Provide direct financial support to State General Assistance fund, Vocation, and Pro-Life Funds.